Work from Home Jobs

Quadrant Resource is a data labeling and data annotation platform constantly seeking out Internet users globally who can create accurate texts, take part in surveys or seek and categorize information for us. We offer part-time work from home jobs, where our crowd workforce can work online remotely from any part of the world. We are an online global community of crowd workforce to offer freelance services, work towards the common objective of improving the search experience of users. It can be done by providing quality feedback to our client's application, by performing some nano and micro-tasks, participating in surveys, sharing your experience, and reporting the search relevance and quality report.

We keep it simple and open:

You can sign on for the Quadrant Resource crowd platform at no cost. You work at your phase, your work hours are flexible and all you required is an electronic device with an internet connection such as a smartphone, tablet PC, laptop, or computer. You can choose how and when to work – on a freelance model. If you are enthusiastically exploring an ideal part-time job, then you are at the right place. Join our crowd workforce today and let's work together to help each other positively.

We offer comprehensive solutions and services for AI & ML training data needs. We provide a unique platform built to improve the accuracy of search engines. We strive to reduce the time to improve the data accuracy to ensure the high-quality data models with domain-specific training data delivered by our industry-focused expert teams. Our crowd workforce will involve in data entry, data preparation, and operations services to ensure project success. We excel in data annotation services to accelerate complex AI and ML solutions with high-quality data annotation for various technology industries.

We unite the crowd workforce globally together to form the best talent pool, conduct frequent assessments to identify project management experts. We encourage engagement flexibility to assure quality processing and successful completion of projects for our clients. Our best-in-class global talent workforce is skilled data annotators with deep domain expertise. Our data analysts execute tasks hassle-free to enhance organizational growth in all aspects. In this internet world, every information had become crucial, and its demand is flying high to the sky. With the increased demand for information, managing it properly and retrieving it remotely whenever required has the highest priority. We take an active part in processing such crucial information, managing it with utmost care with the help of our highly talented crowd workforce.

We gather, segregate, optimize and label data into informative information with the help of our crowd workforce. This optimized information helps businesses move towards success, by adding more value to their customers. We are hiring for freelancing/part-time online jobs on the crowd UHRS data labeling/annotation platform with many languages such as English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and more. Be a part of our proactive crowd workforce, to increase your income, it is a work-from-home opportunity where you can work remotely from anywhere.