Pinpoint Labeled Retail Data

" Power innovation in real-world applications in the retail industry and solve a wide range of use cases with pinpoint labeled retail data. "

Use Cases

Autonomous Check-Out : Power machine learning solutions that empower frictionless check-outs by identifying products in the shopping cart and bill the customer directly.

Personalized Recommendations : Make your models learn customer behavior with the help of well-labeled training data and deliver personalized recommendations that promise more purchases.

Shelf Management : Power vision-based shelf inspection solutions that detect product misplacement, and mispricing and help minimize lost revenue and optimize shelf placement for maximum sales.

Unmanned Stores: Leverage precise ground truth data sets about shopper interaction with SKUs to train models that can power the concept of unmanned stores and help in theft prevention.

Staffing Optimization: Train your models with labeled data sets of foot-traffic trends in real-time to determine the placing of staff aisles and check-out counters and optimize them for efficiency.

Search Relevance: Allow your search algorithms with labeled search data that helps your models learn the true intention behind a search query and display the most relevant results.


Our ML models pre-label the data which reduces cost significantly and allows us to offer agile services.

Superior Quality

Our robust system of quality assurance guarantees an accuracy rate of over 99%.

Domain Knowledge

A flexible workforce makes it possible for us to scale up as your data labeling needs grow.


Our reliable workforce and pre-labeling models allow us to offer a price advantage to our clients.