Healthcare Algorithms and Solutions

" Train healthcare algorithms and solutions with data sets labeled with the help of domain experts. "

Use Cases

Medical Imaging: We create labeled data sets that could not only power medical image processing and interpretation but could also improve the efficiency and accuracy of radiologists.

Cell & Tissue Annotation: We create pinpoint data sets to power innovation in healthcare by identifying cells, organelles, and pathologies accurately in medical images including Whole Slide Imaging Data.

Radiologic Annotation: Our team of domain specialists helps us label medical images and reports from x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and Ultrasounds that unlock efficiency and accuracy in radiology.

Medical Text Processing: Fuel your medical analytics and clinical decision support algorithms with training data created by experts trained in the medical lexicon and NLP data labeling techniques.

Medical Video Annotation: Power automation in healthcare to improve patient experiences with medical video data sets extracted and verified from vast numbers of medical records.

Drug Development: Accelerate drug discovery by streamlining the analysis of large data sets on existing drugs, protein/target interactions, systems biology, ‘omics, genetics, and clinical experiences.


We pre-label our data sets using robust ML solutions allowing us to offer cost-effective and agile services.

Superior Quality

An accuracy rate of over 99% makes us suitable for labeling data for industries with a necessity of precision.

Domain Knowledge

Our team of domain experts allows us to deliver accurate training data for powering healthcare solutions.


Our reliable workforce and pre-labeling models allow us to offer a price advantage to our clients.