Crowd Quadrant Resource Frequently Asked Questions

At Quadrant Resource we collect and label images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data to continuously help improve and innovative artificial intelligence systems. Our experience includes thousands of skilled labelers that help analyze data on a day-to-day basis. We want to welcome you to join our team and help us diversify!

Simply click sign up a the top and fill out your profile to get started.

The minimum age is 18. If you are residing in USA you are required to submit a W-9 form with valid work authorization.

UHRS stand for Universal Human Relevant System and a separate website that offers a variety of available tasks. Partnership between Smart-Labeler and UHRS has made it possible for our registered users to access the UHRS jobs.

Hitapps are various tasks that will be assigned to you in the marketplace of UHRS. Each hitapp will require you to read the guidelines and practice a certain number of hits before starting production work. Only production worked hits will be considered for payment.

Crowd work consists of work that is done by you and hundreds of other annotators on the UHRS platform.

For any queries please, contact us

Need any help for Registration? Watch Registration Demo

Payment is based on the total number of hits completed in the UHRS site. Simply click the “reports” tab on UHRS to see a detailed view of your earnings and work completed. -For annotators working from India, you will need to setup Net Banking. -For annotators working from all other countries, you will need to set up your payment details that can be easily accessed on our Quadrant site.

The entire month’s work will be calculated after the last day of that month and payments will be processed typically on the 10th day of the next month.

The required minimum before disbursement of payout is $10.

If you get a message saying your UHRS account has been temporarily deactivated or to contact your vendor manager, you can easily reactivate your account. On your Quadrant dashboard simply click “Renew UHRS ID” on the far-left hand side.

The payment cycle is monthly i.e., 1st to 31st of every month and the pay date would be 10th of the following month. Note, there could be a delay in the payment due to festivals, Government holidays, weekends, bank holidays etc. In case you have any payroll concerns you can directly reach out to us via email us

Yes, you can refer your family members and friends to work on this job. Please use the link to register into Quadrant resource portal

Yes, you can re-take assessment for 5 times and must score 80%. If you are unable to score 80% and completed, you might be able to move forward with the registration portal. However, you can register again from the start with a different email id and processed with the same steps.

The most likely reason you received this message is because you are using another account for private purposes. This could be a Hotmail, Outlook, Xbox-Live or Windows 8 account. If you are permanently logged in to another account or if your browser automatically saves sign in data and you then attempt to sign in to UHRS, this is probably happening with the wrong account. The other account is not registered with UHRS and is therefore not recognized. Make sure that you are logged out of your entire private accounts and that your browser does not automatically enter account data in the log in mask. You could also create your own user profile in your Windows, which you use only to work on UHRS jobs.

First check whether you can sign into your new account at despite the error message. If you can, then the automatic link between and UHRS has not worked properly and has to be repeated by hand. Please get in touch with us to provide your LiveID and your Quadrant username.

If you need personal help or have further questions that could not be answered on our FAQ page, just contact our Quadrant Crowd support. We will be there for you promptly. Just send us an email

We are providing daily trainings in different slots, please join them and learn.
11.00 AM IST (05:30 AM UTC) training: Training for new hires
4.00 PM IST (10:30 PM UTC) training: (Hitapp Training – Slot 1)
7.00 PM IST (01:30 PM UTC) training: (Hitapp Training – Slot 2)