High-quality Data Collection Services

Data Collection Services for high-quality data collection to power innovation in your AI initiatives.

Why us?

End-to-End Services : Our end-to-end services are designed to cover every aspect of providing high-quality, accurate training data to your machine learning models from data collection to project management, collection, post-processing, annotation, and delivery.

Customized Services : We understand the different needs of training data for different models from highly specific to varied input data, and bring to you customized data collection services that fulfill the customized, scalable, and critical data needs of your machine learning projects.

Industry Expertise : Our network of highly reliable data respondents and our stack of agile and accurate tools allows us to offer industry-best data collection services to our clients and fulfill the varied data needs of their machine learning projects efficiently.

We collect a wide variety of data to cater to the varying needs of different AI projects.

Text Data : Scale your solutions globally with millions of high-quality text data samples in different languages.

Speech Data : Power your natural language processing and automatic speech recognition models with high-quality custom speech data.

Image Data : Train your computer vision projects with unique scenario setups and remotely-collected high-quality image data.

Video Data : Boost innovation in object, facial, and patter recognition solutions by powering them with high-quality video data.

Service Offerings

Speech Data Collection : We deliver high-quality speech data from conversational data samples to text-to-speech evaluated data that can help your speech recognition and NLP solutions to be natural, fluent, and highly scalable.

Handwriting Collection : We provide high-quality, remotely-collected handwriting data which makes our datasets versatile and improves the accuracy of your text recognition and OCR solutions, and allows them to be scaled globally.

Image and Video Collection : We cater to the custom requirements of computer vision, object recognition, and pattern recognition models and deliver high-quality image and video data with unique setups and dynamic project management.

Text Data Collection : With the help of our agile data-collection tools and reliable data sources, we deliver text data collection services for catering to the needs of machine learning models for structured text data in various languages.