Assured Quality Data Annotation Services

Accelerate complex AI and ML solutions with high-quality data annotation for diverse industries.

The Quadrant Way

We develop industry-leading machine learning solutions by understanding the complex needs of your projects in terms of training data and meet them by using cutting-edge technologies.

Impeccable Quality : Our wide network of experienced and certified data sources and crowd contributors provide us high-quality, industry-specific, and context-specific annotated data suitable to the needs of your projects.

Cross-Industry Acumen : We cater to the needs of many industries like technology, healthcare, retail, automotive, etc., with the help of our domain experts that help us annotate the data accurately by putting the inputs of industry knowledge and context.

Our Secret Sauce

Accuracy and Quality : Get the industry-best quality of labeled data with high levels of accuracy with our data labeling services.

Scalability: Our robust human workforce enables us to provide scalable data annotation services adaptive to changing needs.

Cost-Effective: Our rapid labeling tools and reliable workforce enables us to offer cost-effective services to our clients.

Data Security: We are known to deliver services with high standards of data security and privacy while working with our clients.

Assured Quality with Maximum Accuracy

Text: Deploy effective text-based natural language processing for a wide range of languages driven with data that is collected, labeled, and validated from reliable data respondents, and web sources.

Images: Empower your AI and machine learning capabilities by computer vision with the image classification techniques like bounding box or polygon annotation, and pixel labeling techniques like semantic segmentation.

Audio: Unlock the untapped potential of audio data by developing interfaces to process the data collected as time-stamped utterances by speech collection in a variety of languages and dialects.

Video: Process and label video data by combining the most accurate audio and image annotation techniques to turn it into actionable training data for your complex machine learning models

Sensor: Make your AI and Machine Learning projects more intelligent by leveraging the sensors like LiDAR, Point Cloud Automation, etc., as data sources and give them the ability to make decisions in real-time.

Service Offerings

Bounding Box : Bounding box is the simplest way of recognizing certain objects in images or videos by drawing rectangular boxes around them and hence the most commonly used method in autonomous vehicles, retail, and robotics applications. Our 2D and 3D bounding box annotation tools are suitable for every range of quantity and quality of data.

Polygon Annotation: Polygon annotation gives out more precise outputs, in the form of polygon labels by drawing contours around recognition targets, than bounding boxes by eliminating additional whitespace and visual noise, leading to confusion in visual models. Their pinpoint outputs make them perfect for usage in everything from aerial imagery to medical research.

Semantic Segmentation: Semantic segmentation is especially ideal for limited amounts of data as it gets you more actionable information for your models over other methods for every single image. With every component of the image labeled and every pixel accounted for, semantic segmentation allows you to label your image and video data efficiently.

LiDAR/ RADAR: Make use of advanced computer vision with 360-degree visibility in image and video data labeling with LiDAR/RADAR annotation which is very strong at detecting objects in conditions where other methods won’t. With our superior 3D point cloud, handle and process millions of points smoothly, ensure hassle-free navigation, and seamless integration.

OCR Labelling: Train your OCR systems with labeled text curated by our large and reliable workforce. Our OCR labeling solutions allow you to train your OCR systems with context-specific labeled data by our experienced workforce from real-world samples that meet your machine learning model needs with pre-processing modules to improve accuracy rate.

Speech Text Transcription: Get domain-specific text documents and audio clips transcribed using our Speech and Text Transcription services with our highly trained workforce, well-versed in multilingual communication, which is able to determine emotion, categorize the topic, or identify an important event in a snippet of audio or texts.