Smart Automotive Manufacturing and Mobility as a Service.

" Fuel your applications in autonomous vehicles, Mobility as a Service, and smart manufacturing by extracting intelligence from text, speech, and 2D and 3D image and audio data efficiently. "

Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles : Power applications in the automotive industry that track various objects, assess changes in the environment, voice commands, and more with well-labeled training data.

Traffic Detection : Weave robust solutions of traffic object detection for supporting navigation and control functions into your car’s AI by feeding your systems with labeled common objects in traffic environments.

Street Segmentation : Assign the street scene image with RGB color code as required by the system down to every pixel according to the pre-determined list of object types relevant for self-driving vehicles.

Traffic Light Detection: Extract information from the traffic signals as well as road signs and help your models locate all the traffic lights and signs in an image with well-labeled data sets of traffic images.

Speech Recognition: Power voice and speech recognition solutions in connected cars trained on large-scale speech data collection and annotation to provide best in-car infotainment experience.

Traffic Behavior Prediction: The technological advancements in voice recognition, LiDAR, and cameras make it possible to model solutions in predicting driver behavior and intent in the traffic.

Extensive Solutions

We create solutions supporting both in-vehicle and autonomous vehicle developments.

Superior Quality

An accuracy rate of over 99% makes us suitable for labeling data for industries with a necessity of precision.

Greater speed

Robust AI capabilities like one-click annotation, object tracking with linear interpolation, auto-adjusting cuboids, and more.

Comprehensive Toolkit

Cutting-edge LiDAR, PLSS, and computer vision ML-assisted tools with easy user interface and customization.