AI, Automation Technology and Solutions

Innovate AI-driven applications and solutions in technology braced on reliable training data sets collected from all over the world and deploy to a global audience.

Use Cases

Applications: Leverage our global curated crowd and workforce to ensure whether your applications will work effectively on users around the world and are ready for global deployment or not.

Speech Recognition: Boost the development and deployment of automatic speech recognition solutions and improve customer interactions by training them with labeled speech data.

CEM/CRM Applications: Possess stronger data analytics capabilities and build robust CEM and CRM applications with industry-specific data sets labeled cost-effectively with greater speed and scale.

Computer Vision: Develop computer vision solutions for applications like autonomous vehicles, aerial imagery, etc and power image and video recognition with high-quality labeled data.

Search Relevance: Provide more relevant search results and improve your semantic search capabilities by training your models with high-quality data sets that provide user intent and context.

Text-to-Speech: With TTS systems trained with labeled data sets of every language and accurate machine translation capabilities, improve customer interactions and drive higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Why us?


Our ML models pre-label the data which reduces cost significantly and allows us to offer agile services.

Superior Quality

Our robust system of quality assurance guarantees an accuracy rate of over 99%.

Scalable Workforce

A flexible workforce makes it possible for us to scale up as your data labeling needs grow.


Our reliable workforce and pre-labeling models allow us to offer a price advantage to our clients.