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Comprehensive solutions and services for your AI & ML training data needs

Data Collection

Domain specific data collection services to get your AI/ML Projects off the ground

Data Management

Data entry, data preparation and operations services to ensure project success

Data Annotation

Accelerate complex AI and ML solutions with high-quality data annotation for diverse industries.

Model Testing

Model output review and testing services to assist in enhancing AI/ML model accuracy.

Our crowd workforce is our strength

Crowd workforce from 140+countries globally

Our crowd workforce is a community of global remote professionals registered with our crowd platform. They work remotely online, perform nano tasks on our application. Our crowd workforce has the flexibility to work remotely from any part of the world by using electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, or tablets by doing simple online jobs like surveys, data labeling, data annotations, search suggestions, etc.

Our crowd workforce can choose the task out of their interests on a freelance basis and at their own phase. They can work part-time and whatever the earnings will be accumulated based on the task completion and get paid on monthly basis. Our app is built to encourage an enthusiastic crowd workforce, who can earn from anywhere by using their free time to generate good revenue.

Join our network today to enjoy the flexibility of working remotely and earning online.
Delivering Confidence for Your AI Projects

Shorten the time to value and enhance the accuracy and quality of your models with domain-specific training data delivered by our specialist industry-focused teams.


Innovate AI and automation-powered technology products or software applications using ready-to-use training datasets.


Deliver patient outcomes through accelerated precision diagnostics and innovative care delivery using targeted healthcare training datasets.


Increase conversion rates and build loyalty through unmatched, seamless, cross-channel CX through rich market, product and consumer training data.


Drive your autonomous car product realization faster or add a connected car feature easily with reliable computer vision and LIDAR training data.

Quadrant Resource's primary focus is to get the right task assigned to a suitable and qualified crowd workforce to ensure quality at its best. Our crowd workforce is highly skilled and verified immediately after joining our crowd network, by taking the required skills expertise certification from a recognized university or organization. All the jobs we get from our vendors and clients are 100% genuine and will be paid based on the quality output submitted by our crowd workforce. Our crowd platform is an online network of thousands of jobs, which will be updated every hour. Our online jobs enable freelancers to work remotely and earn as long as they finish their jobs in stipulated duration.

Delivery Assurance

We bring together the best of talent, project management expertise, quality process rigor and engagement flexibility to assure project success for our clients.

Best in Class Global Talent

Experienced Data Annotators and Data Analysts with deep domain expertise who can not only execute flawlessly but bring true business value

Delivery Process Rigor

Be it one large ML project or an ongoing automation program, we have the process expertise to effectively manage the work

Assured Quality

Mastery of testing and measuring quality of model output to enable enhancing and fine-tuning the model to achieve objectives

Engagement Flexibility

Choice of talent models, delivery locations, pricing and contract models and engagement durations aligned to your goals

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